Patent Applications & Patent Prosecution

Experience as a patent practitioner and patent examiner results in preparing winning patent applications with skillfully crafted claims.  Services include:

  • Non-Provisional (Utility) Application  The requisite application leading to examination and patenting.
  • Provisional Application  An interim application to claim “patent pending”, which must be followed by a non-provisional within 12 months.  It is lower in cost initially, but higher in cost with both filings considered.
  • Design Application  An application for ornamental design embodied in drawings.
  • PCT Application  An international application for foreign filings.Patent Office

USPTO Prosecution

The Patent Office will respond with an Office Action after a pendency period of a year or more. The Office Action, often with a rejection of one or more claims, requires a response. Knowledge of the Law (35 USC), the Rules (37 CFR), and Procedure (MPEP) is essential in making this response. Services include:

  • Office Action Response May involve amendment to the specification or claims and rebuttal argument to any rejections.
  • Appeal Extended prosecution following a Final Office Action rejecting all claims. May include Examiner Interview, filing an Appeal, or RCE (Request for Continued Examination).
  • Issuance Steps to place the application in condition for issuance to patent.
  • Continuing Applications Supplementary or replacement applications to append new claims following the filing of a parent application.

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